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How to Buy From Tik And Take ?

It is very easy to buy from Tik And Take Online Shopping Store in easy six steps. Choose your product or add products in the cart if you are buying more than one product, Then proceed to checkout, Register yourself if you are buying first time from Tik And Take if you are already Tik And Take Customer then only sign with your details or google or Facebook. Then fill all the information about delivery or extra information or note you want to the add-on. then choose the payment method and you are done. Save your tracking number for further inquiries and your product will be delivered in 3 to 4 working days. Happy Shopping.

Is it safe to shop online from Tik And Take ?

This is an important question and our priority at Tikandtake.com is to ensure the privacy of our customers and the safety of payment. First, we highly recommend you have a strong password for your shopping website. On Tikandtake.com, we offer various ways of payment including Cash on Delivery (COD) Debit Cards & Credit Cards and have strategic partnerships with well-known banks in the region. We also protect our website with ‘Norton Secured’. When shopping online, make sure that the website has an SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed which is represented by an icon of a locked padlock. Another tip is to have one credit card for your online purchases. This helps you track your purchases and God forbid something wrong happens, you can cancel that credit card. Some banks are also offering an ‘Internet Credit Card’ Like wallet account cards i.e MCB LITE card, Sim Sim card by Finca bank etc. that has a capped amount.

Are the brands authentic on Tik And Take?

Unfortunately in our region, we have heard that there are some websites that do not offer authentic brands. On Tikandtake.com, we ensure that our brands are authentic and sourced from trustworthy suppliers. If you are buying from websites that you are not familiar with, research the products they offer. Also, if the price for a well-known brand is ‘too good to be true’ then talk to the website and do exercise caution. Also, read the website’s return and exchange policies before making a purchase and talk to customer service if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Finally, get to know the website you are buying from. For example, you can make a small purchase to test the products they sell and then when you are satisfied with their products and their service, then make bigger purchases. Do verify Websites online Addresses as well as there online Pages reviews on Facebook and Instagram.

How can I save when shopping online ?

One of the benefits of shopping online is that you are able to find products at lower prices due to the economics of e-commerce. We recommend you sign-up for the newsletter of Tikandtake.com, as we will give you a heads-up of any sale we are having. At Tikandtake.com, we send our members a newsletter to keep them up to date with new products and sales. Also, follow the Tikandtake.com on social media as we will inform you of savings and offers through those channels.

We know that shopping online is fun and it should be! Check out Tikandtake.com for the latest trends in affordable fashion, Home Decor As well as EL and do let us know if you have any other questions. Until the next time, happy shopping!

How do I know if the product fits ?

Different Pictures of the products can be viewed for reference as well as read descriptions of the products if something is still missing or have any questions you can contact 24/7 Tikandtake.com online helpline 03-111-198-098 anytime. After delivery, if still there is a change of mind about the product you can return it within 7 days or exchange or replace. Happy shopping at Tikandtake.com